Malvern Star SuperMax, Maxi and Speedwell Sting

While researching information for my '81 SuperMax, '83 Speedwell Sting and up-coming '79 5-Hole gusset builds, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Malvern Star or Speedwell information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Brochures and Advertisements

The following advertisements appeared full-page in the Australian magazines BMX Torque and BMX Pancake throughout their publications in the earl '80s. The Speedwell image is the only piece of advertising I have ever seen for this brand and (I guess) shows a chrome CrMo with a blue MX2 stem and pre-bent Shimano levers.


I have no idea which catalogue these images came from and are desperate to find complete catalogues so I can scan the images in context. The first batch appears to be from the period '81 to maybe '83 as they are showing the SuperMax Series II alongside the new CrMo.


This second series appears to be from an '87 or '88 catalogue.


I am desparately seeking scans or originals of other catalogues and advertisements. If you have one, please contact me at Blogging a Dead Horse. I am also seeking assistance accurately identifying the models and date of manufacture of those shown - again, if you can assist please contact me.

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Malvern Star Catalogues

Often when you buy a complete bike, the parts have been changed or removed over the years. Catalogues are invaluable when restoring a bike to factory original. They show you the original colours, original accessories and the available combinations of both and aid in decal placement.

I am desperately seeking scans or originals of other catalogues and advertisements. If you have one, please contact me at Blogging a Dead Horse. I am also seeking assistance accurately identifying the models and date of manufacture of those shown - again, if you can assist please contact me.


1985 Malvern Star Catalogue - Action Bikes

•  12" MiniMax
•  16" MiniMax
•  20" Maxi Coaster
•  20" Maxi Freewheel
•  20" Maxi Freestyle
•  20" SuperMax CrMo


1985 Malvern Star Catalogue - Smooth Operators

No Maxi or SuperMax bikes in this catalogue however there are some nice road bikes and mountain bikes. The top-end road bike, the Equipe, is priced at $429 and the top mountain bike, the Bushranger, $539.


1985 Malvern Star Catalogue - Freewheeling Fashions

Again, no Maxi or SuperMax bikes in this catalogue however this catalogue features a comprehensive range of women's bikes.


1987 (?) Malvern Star Catalogue

I am not sure of the exact age of this catalogue but assume it is around 1986 or 7. The big still contains girls and boys dragsters along with a Giant or Merida-made Minimax 12 and 16 models and a lugged 20" Maxi model.


1985 Malvern Star Catalogue

This catalogue features a number of mountain, road and BMX bikes. It features the Maxi 500C and Freestyle 500 - the latter being a really nice looking bike in black / red and comes with a rotor, standers and 48 spoke rims.

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The following articles and reviews have been reproduced (with permissions) from a number of sources including Johnny Ringo's website. As always, I am keen to acquire originals of these magazines or advertisements for myself. Please contact me if you have any for sale.

Pancake Magazine: SuperMax Turbo Review

Australia's BMX Pancake magazine featured a review of the Malvern Star Turbo in its February '83 issue (#11). The magazine itself only lasted 13 issue starting in 1981 as a quarterly then switching to a monthly publication before its demise in April 1983.

The Malvern Star SuperMax Turbo was essentially an updated version of the original SuperMax CrMo. Whereas the CrMo was fitted with Win ALPs bars, a Nitto MX2 stem and a Kashimax MX Seat the new bike was updated with Nitto CrMo bars, a new Nitto Aero stem and a Kashimax Aero seat. Interestingly, the Turbo was also fitted with Tioga pedals - arguably a downgrade from the previous KKT lightning pedals of the original CrMo.



Apparently, only 500 Turbos were built in the later part of '82 and early '83. A number of these were raced (read thrashed and destroyed) and few examples remain today making them a very unique and desirable model.

I would love to get my hands on an original copy of this magazine. If you have one you would sell, please contact me and we can negotiate a price!

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BMX Torque Magazine: BMX Across the Desert

Australia's BMX Torque magazine featured a story of eight school children - three girls and five boys aged between 12 and 14 - who crossed the Simpson Desert on Malvern Star SuperMaxes. One of the fathers was Jack Dierikx who was a representative at Malvern Star and no doubt understood the publicity that such a ride could generate.

The trip took the eight children, their guide, three parents and a nurse from the Alka Seltzer Bore - 990 kilometres north-northwest of Adelaide - to Birdsville in Queensland. The trip was scheduled to take three and a half days but ended up taking two days longer due to numerous problems they encountered. The bikes themselves operated flawlessly despite the harsh conditions.


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SuperMax oh là là

The November '82 edition of the French BMX magazine Bicross carried an article on the Australian BMX scene. Featured at the end of the article is this overview of the Series II SuperMax . Thanks to Kurt who translated it ..

The Super Max to the land of Mad Max.
You probably know that Mad Max is a character and a film from Australia. Max is very popular and fashionable there. That is probably why the name was chosen by Malvern Star for its BMX range. When will there be Mad Max 3 with BMX stunts and crashes! It's a model for beginners. Very seriously designed, it is, as can be seen, inspired by American films. Moreover, the molded wheels are made in the USA. Note the one piece crankset with chain guard, offset front fork and two brakesets. To race, Australian kids are required to remove the front brake. The Supermax is designed for beginners. For the more experienced, there is the Cr Mo model. Despite their qualities, these are not a BMX about to arrive here because of a price too high for your purse.

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BMX Torque Magazine: Showdown

Australia's BMX Torque magazine featured a showdown between five very affordable bikes - the '82 Team Hotfoot, '82 SuperMax Turbo, '82 Bennet Cro-Mo Torque, '82 CrossRider Pro and the '82 Diamond Back Silver Streak. Although the Diamond Back was the overall winner, the scoring was incredibly close with 1.5 points (out of a total of 100) separating the top and bottom. The SuperMax comes in third place and only 0.5 point off the pace of the Diamond Back.

I was not familiar with this magazine in the '80s but I can imagine if I was about to buy a new bike I would be pouring over every little detail as if my life depended on the choice I was about to make.



Again, I would love to get my hands on an original copy of this magazine. If you have one you would sell, please contact me and we can negotiate a price!

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Sydney Morning Herald 7th July 1980

Bicycle Motocross, or BMX to the enthusiast, is the biggest revolution to hit the cycling world since the advent of dragsters. This article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 7th July 1980 and goes on to describe the SuperMax as the top-of-the-range BMX bicycle from Malvern Star. It then goes on to describe a 'two gear' system that sounds like a Shimano DX Holeshot or a Browning 2 speed system.

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