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1982 Repco Hotfoot X-Gusset

Scored this nice X-Gusset from Danthrax recently. He powdered the frame and bars in anticipation of a build for his wife but unfortunately other things got in the way (baby!) and it was time for him to move it along. Also in the deal were the pedals, seat clamp, seat post and Dominator seat you see here.

After building two teams, I thought it was time to build an X-Gusset - the ubiquitous bike from the '80s .. This bike is intended to be a rider and you will not see many high dollar parts on it however I did get to use a set of re-powdered Tourney calipers and an odd set of Shimano DX and SX levers.


One thing I found about these bikes is that a standard seat clamp will not fit on the tubing no matter how much you force it! The seat post itself is a nice fit so the inside diameter of the tubing appears correct, so I would assume that the HiTen steel that the bike is made from has a thicker wall section resulting in a larger outside diameter!

I spent a long time with my Dremel and then a hand file removing lots of material before I could get the clamp to fit. I then hand to finish the edges off with Wet 'n Dry before repainting the seat clamp black.


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