Malvern Star SuperMax, Maxi and Speedwell Sting

While researching information for my '81 SuperMax, '83 Speedwell Sting and up-coming '79 5-Hole gusset builds, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Malvern Star or Speedwell information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame: Malvern Star Freestyle

Malvern Star seized on the growing freestyle movement '80s by releasing a freestyle model that it sourced from Japan and branded as a Maxi and later as a Maxi 500. Though not as popular to collectors as the original SuperMax, these bikes are becoming more popular partially due to their relative scarcity.

A very early freestyle example, this 1984 model’s colour scheme attracts attention and its high level of detail does not fail to impress. The unique pink colouring extends from the obvious Tuffs, chain wheel, pedals and seat to the smaller items such as the headset, brake cables, cable clamps and seat post clamp. The background to the photos is effective and adds interest!

Another very original looking Maxi Freestlye bike featuring a single front brake that utilisies a pots-mod to enable 360o rotation of the handlebars!

Not quite sure on the year of this model, but they were an exceptional looking bike. Timeless black and white with red highlights in the rims, pedals, decals and brake cables ooze class. Clayton bought this bike NOS and has left it exactly as built.

A sister to the original bike (left), Clayton added more practical whitewalls and black tuffs to this Maxi Freestyle to make it a rider. Other than the wheels, everything else on the bike is original equipment.

Alf's bike is totally original with the exception of the rims which appear to be the correct, candy coated steel items. It features the original SR chain ring, integrated front and rear fork and frame standers, a potts-mod front brake and a coaster rear brake.

ScratchyDogs Maxi Freestyle is nicely finished with the original pad set that allows the front brake cable to pass through it and the pots-mod stem. I am not sure whether these bikes came with front and rear brakes - as they have a coaster tab - but Clarke has fitted his with matching Chang Star Freestyle 980 brakes.

Found this one on eBay and it looks quite original - except for the purple or lavender lever that has been painted white at some stage and is now peeling. It has been listed a few times with a starting price of $800 - apparently just too high for the punters.

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