There's gold in them-thar hills

I have never seen BMX Bandits however I have seen photos of Nicole Kidman riding a black and gold Malvern Star SuperMax. Although very '80s, I like the look of a black bike with monochrome accessories and have been collecting gold anodised parts for over a year now. My only concern is the varioations in the actual gold colours - will they look good together or will the variations stand out? I had similar concerns when building my Kuwahara but found that if they coloured parts are separated by the sections of the frame then the variations aren't obvious.

This Malvern Star will be blessed with a number of NOS and clean second-hand parts.  The Shimano brake calipers are levers are both NOS and are the more desirable, quick-release version - the original pads will be swapped out for a set of Skyway coloured pads to suit the Tuffs.  The pedals are MKS BM-7 - a cheaper alternative to KKT Lightning - and mate beautifully with the Takagi Tourney cranks.  Additional gold equipment consists of a NOS Suntour stem, Suntour style seat clamp, fluted seat-post (not pictured) and wheel nuts. The final touches to the build include a genuine Kashimax MX seat and Skyway Tuff IIs.

I am not quite convinced about these handle bars - the original bike would have come with straight bars rather than V-bars and they would have been higher rise than the ones I have. I guess I am stuck with them unless I can find a straight set as clean as these.



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