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1981 Kuwahara KZ-1

After seeing ET, who didn't want a Kuwahara?


My second build. This one is built from NOS parts that are era correct but not necessarily factory. I am looking for a nice blue Elina seat if anyone has one ..

  • Kuwahara KZ1-R frame / fork
  • Redline V Bars
  • Suntour MS1100 Stem
  • Sugino Cranks
  • Sugino 44T Chainring
  • Dia Compe Tech 4 Levers
  • Dia Compe MX901 Calipers
  • Dia Compe Brake Cables
  • Tioga Beartrap 2 Headset
  • MKS BM-7 Pedals
  • Suzue hubs / Araya rims
  • OGK Grips


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