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1995 Mongoose Menace

Don't be fooled - this is a high-tensile steel mongoose Menace not the higher CrMo framed Expert Pro. I couldn't find any Menace decals and settled with the Expert decals .. besides it gave me an excuse to introduce some red into the colour scheme and to use the Mongoose pad set I have had sitting around as it had red highlights too!

This is my favourite bike to ride by far - its heavy, the wheels are not perfectly true and the cranks / pedals are cheap and nasty but on the positive side it is a large frame - and I thought it was time to give it a once over. Gone are the plastic pedals, rock hard and perished tyres and cheap brakes to be replaced by some better quality but definitely not expensive parts.


Pads on a '90s bike? The Mongoose pads on this bike where made in the mid-90s but were never featured on Menace or Expert bikes and I assume they were accessories that were sold separate. What do you think - can a '90s bike have pads or is that soooo '80s?



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