Malvern Star SuperMax, Maxi and Speedwell Sting

While researching information for my '81 SuperMax, '83 Speedwell Sting and up-coming '79 5-Hole gusset builds, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Malvern Star or Speedwell information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

 Hall of Fame: Feature Bike

I have added this new section to put the spotlight on a bike that has taken my fancy over the last month or so. This may be an impeccably restored carpet-queen, a complete and original find or simply a piece of advertising material or catalogue scan.

Lewis Fenech: 198? SuperMax 5 Hole


With a number of his previous builds featured already, Lewis is no stranger to this site. This build was a Christmas present for his younger brother, David, who was always a fan of the SuperMax 5 Hole.

This build shows how good a build can be using quality reproduction parts. This bike features a freshly sand-blasted and painted frame, Dia Compe brakes and levers, new 3 piece cranks, MKS pedals, limited edition Skyway Tuffs, Panaracer tyres, reproduction Nitoo MX2—stem and a Tange head seat.

The end result looks very close to the original but with all new parts is a dream to ride!

Dave Morgan: 198? SuperMax CrMo


Dave looks beat after thrashing his yellow and red CrMo around the Lalor BMX track. His ride features a host of new parts including a Nitto MX-2 Stem, Dia Compe MX-1000 brakes and Tech 4 levers mated to an original frame and fork combination and pad set. The chrome helmet cannot be explained though!

Jimmy Boy: 198? SuperMax Series II


Other than adding a pair of front brake pads, Jimmy Boy hasn't touched this survivor Series II SuperMax. He doesn't need to - it still has the original Win bars, Shimano pre-bent levers and callipers, Takagi cranks and chain guard, Nitto MX2 stem, Tuffs and Tange seat post clamp. Even the tyres are original ! As Jimmy describes it, its "the best Supermax survivor In Australia... "

Simon Holmes: 1979 SuperMax 5 Hole

A benefit of running a site like this is that occasionally you can blow your own trumpet. I completed this 5 Hole in June this year but have not had a nice set of pics to put up until now. Special thanks to Peter Healey (Peat on OzBMX) for these great pics taken at this year's Knox show.

This is a pretty standard build with NOS parts (brakes, grips, seat, cranks), rims and seat clamp refinished by Benny and forks re-chromed by Star Plating. What makes this bike really special is the paint applied by Madman - its not an original SuperMax colour and its not the same as the blue that Maxis came in, its just a striking blue colour that I liked. The pads were made by Steve @ EsemDesign to original artwork but in a similar blue to complement the paint.

Lewis Fenech: 198? SuperMax Series II

Not content to build another BMX Bandits replica, Lewis' has put a spin on the traditional black and yellow colour scheme by substituting anodised gold parts. The gold accessories and black pads give this bike a totally different, really clean and even a modern look. But everything is original - down to the correct Shimano calipers and levers, Takagi crank and chainwheel and KKT pedals. Nicely done!

Clarke Tunstall: '8? Malvern Star Maxi Freestyle

I first met ScratchyDogs at the Hurstbridge BMX show where he was organising a Hotfoot purchase and have spoken to him along the way about Hotfeet. Imagine my surprise when I found out he had a very clean Malvern Star Maxi Freestyle - this guy has similar tastes to me!

This bikes is nicely finished with the original pad set that allows the front brake cable to pass through it and the pots-mod stem. I am not sure whether these bikes came with front and rear brakes - as they have a coaster tab - but Clarke has fitted his with matching Chang Star Freestyle 980 brakes.

Lewis Fenech: '8? Malvern Star SuperMax Series II

As a boy, Lewis owned a blue and white 1979 Series II SuperMax and had it for 30 years until it was stolen. He replaced it with this pristine example that he bought from BMXWorks and set about completing the restoration with some NOS parts including the Kashimax seat.

Shortly after buying this bike, Lewis contacted me and told me he had his eye on the Red and White Series II that Wayne from BMXWorks is selling (see below) and was looking for a 5-Hole SuperMax to restore. A nice way to kick-start a collection but shortly after he contacted me again with news that he bought a '79 Redline. Let's hope that Lewis pursues those two SuperMaxes for his collection!

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Clayton Leist: '8? Malvern Star SuperMax 5 Hole 24" Cruiser

Clayton is no stranger to this site or my other site, dedicated to the Hotfoot. Amongst his collection of bikes, he has some nice custom 24" Hotfoot Cruiser builds but none come close to this unique build. Although it may look like a conventional 5-Hole gusset build with its traditional red and white colour scheme, take another look this is the 24" Cruiser version that Malvern Star never made.

Clayton took a 24" Apollo frame and welded in the 5-Hole gusset to make this unique frame which was then diamond blasted and painted in Mazda 3 two pack Pearl White. The bike was then fitted with a raft of quality parts - Nitto handlebars, seat pole and MX7 stem; Takagi Tourney cranks and chainguard; Shimano Tourney rear calliper and DX lever; Kashimax seat; KKT Lightning pedals with original reflectors; and Skyway Tuffs.

The overall finish and build quality on this bike is simply stunning. Not surprising really - this is one more bike in a series of excellent bikes. Clayton's interests have moved to Electra bicycles and I can't wait to see how he re-interprets them!

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Wayne @ BMXWorks: '8? Malvern Star SuperMax Series II

Not content with just one pristine SuperMax (in white and gold, see below), BMXWorks has built a second SuperMax in white with red accessories to match - and there is a third one in blue on the way! Wayne has dubbed this bike Red Red Wine - hopefully not after the Neil Diamond / UB40 song of the same name.

Like the gold bike, this bike is based on a restored and repainted Series II frame with matching '81 dated Tange forks. Benny restored the original Araya 7x rims, Nitto MX2 Stem, Win Alps bars and Takagi chain guard as well as the original Shimano Tourney callipers and pre-bent levers. The Takagi cranks and spider were re-chromed by James the Polisher and the bike put back together with all other parts being NOS or new. As with the gold bike, its the finishing features that make this bike great - the bike has a NOS flick bell and Cat Eye reflectors on both the wheels and rear chain stay.

If you haven't already found the web site, click here.

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Two Hip: '8? Malvern Star SuperMax Series II

Not just another BMX Bandits bike - Two Hip's Series II SuperMax is nearly all original. Original and NOS parts include the Alps Bars, Nitto MX2 Stem, Tange Forks, Shimano Tourney callipers / pre-bent levers / cables, OGK grips, Tange seat clamp, KKT Lightning pedals, Takagi cranks and pad set. The only parts that aren't original are the quilted seat, seat post, the new Skyway Tuffs and the Kenda Tyres.

Two Hip (or Alf) spent over three years researching the bike and collecting the correct parts. The final part came from Pig304 - a matching NOS set of pads! Two Hip also has a Malvern Star Maxi Freestyle featured on this site, here.

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Wayne @ BMXWorks: '81 Malvern Star SuperMax Series II

As a proud sponsor of OzBMX and online store owner, BMXWorks has access to a lot of new and reproduction parts but don't be fooled, this bike has more NOS and restored parts than not. The bike sports a restored and repainted Series II frame with matching '81 dated Tange forks. The original Araya 7x rims, Nitto MX2 Stem, Win Alps bars and Takagi chain guard were all re-annodised by Benny and match the NOS Suzue hubs, Shimano Tourney callipers and pre-bent levers. The remainder of the parts are either NOS or new and the finished result is superb!

Although not an original factory colour scheme, the white and gold work really well together although I would guess that those yellow Kenda Comp 3 fat and skinny combo would be a prick to keep clean. Then again, the quality of this bike suggests that it will be a show bike for years to come.

If you haven't already found the web site, click here. This site has everything, including new Kashimax RS seats like that shown on this bike!

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Jeremy Volpatti: Malvern Star SuperMax Series II

Bam, another one! Hot on the heels of the black SuperMax CrMo (featured below) JV911 has added this red and white Series II SuperMax. Like the black CrMo, minimal chrome gives the bike an updated look while still keeping it essentially original.

Jeremy has kept this bike is very true to the factory original - Tange seat clamp, Tange TX1200 forks, Nitto MX2 stem, Shimano Tourney callipers, Shimano DX levers and Takagi cranks and chainring. The Skyway Tuff IIs, Kashimax Aero seat, tyres and sponge grips are an exact colour match for the anodised parts.

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Jeremy Volpatti: Malvern Star SuperMax CrMo

This month's 'Feature Bike' (and actually the first) belongs to JV911 and it falls directly into the 'impeccably restored carpet-queen' category although it may even get a ride or too! Jeremy already has a Series II bike in the 'Hall of Fame' here but has built a CrMo this time for a bit of variety.

The colour scheme of black with gold accessories sounds like a BMX Bandits replica build but this bike is really different - the black is more dominant thanks to the black bars, seat, grips and Tuffs. Unlike the 'BMX Bandit' replicas, the colour is used sparingly to great effect!

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