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19 Nov 2012 Found this little beauty while walking the dog this morning. It had been abandoned on the side of the road but is in great condition and rides well - 18 gears with Shimano derailleurs, cranks and hubs and even a suspension seat!

19 Nov 2012 Colin has finally finished his Peugeot that he has owned for over twenty years. The bike includes a mix of NOS and restored parts!

28 Oct 2012 The Menace is finally finished. This rebuild features polished hubs, shiney-sided rims, a polished and OA bathed frame and forks and a bunch of new and recycled parts. My favourite parts of the whole build? Has to be the recovered, original seat!

12 Oct 2012 Two posts in two days, a record! Anyhow, I recovered the original, torn seat that was on my '95 Mongoose and I am quite happy with the result. Unfortunately the vinyl I choose was a little thick and resulted in some creases but its a rider so who cares!


11 Oct 2012 The rebuild of my '95 Mongoose is slowly coming along. I have polished the original hubs and now need to get the deep scoring out of the original rims - this is going to take a lot of elbow-grease!

27 Aug 2012 What do you get when you cross a middle-aged, fat man with 30 year old brake pads .. jokes aside, old school brake pads simply suck! Got these Odyssey brakes pads for the Hottie and they are stop on a dime and don't mark the shiny-sides!

11 Aug 2012 Scored this nice X-Gusset from Danthrax recently. He powdered the frame and bars in anticipation of a build for his wife but unfortunately other things got in the way (baby!) and it was time for him to move it along. Also in the deal were the pedals, seat clamp, seat post and Dominator seat you see here.

09 Aug 2012 I have been getting a lot of Hotfoot pad sets made recently and though I would let my man have a go at a set of Malvern Star SuperMax Series II pads. These will go on my next build - a baby blue frame with black accessories.

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31 July 201 Who would have thought that a Hotfoot could win bike of the month? Despite a lot of detractors, my 1982 Team Hotfoot has beaten some awesome bikes to win OzBMX's BOTM May 2012. Thanks to all who voted ..

10 Jun 2012 Bought this stem original WIN stem from TorkerMan at the Knox swap meet a few weeks ago .. it was in really ratty condition so I sanded and painted the top, polished the stem and bought some new bolts for it from Bunnings. IMHO the final result looks great!

28 May 2012 Not quite new to me but these two beauties have been sitting on my shelf for a while now just waiting for a build .. I have four of these, two of which have already been used on a lugged SuperMax (gold) and a Sppedwell Sting (chrome). The remaining two are destined for SuperMax builds as well ..

26 May 2012 Sitting in my study is a NOS SuperMax CrMo frame and lots of blue anno parts. Today I received a set of blue Shimano Pre bent levers which would have been original to the bike but I had already ear-marked a set of Shimano DX levers - my favourite. What to do? They are both NOS, they both fit the colour scheme ..