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16 Sep 2011  Why not? I have been providing a feed for the OzBMX site for a while now and thought why not provide a feed for my own site? A better question might have been 'who on earth would be interested?'

14 Sep 2011   Thought I would throw up a photo of my Redline 400c build. Still missing a few parts - chainring, pedals and seat post - but do have the Sugino spider and cranks already chromed and awating installation. Compare the before and after photos!

11 Sep 2011   I sent some artwork to Glynn today for my single speed restore. Although the bike was branded with an Australian shop's name, it turns out that the frame was made by Miki and was known as a Sakai. I have made some modern decals for it using the designers tool of choice - Word! I have a number of downtube designs as I am unsure which I will use. Initially, I had a Japanese flag instead of the Rising Sun but I thought it was too Kuwahara-ish.

4 Sep 2011   I've been polishin' again! I wish I had taken some before shots of this SR Laprade seat post .. it was covered in zig-zag line where it had been adjusted by twisting and raising or lowering the seat. I spent hours in front of the TV with wet-n-dry paper to get it perfectly smooth before polishing.


29 Aug 2011   I found these two images on a Thai BMX website. No idea what the captions say but these are pretty cool images nonetheless.

16 Aug 2011   If I ever complain that a bike is beyond repair remind me of the bloke who paid $2,550 for this classic HQ Monaro Coupe that was burnt while Christine Nixon was getting her hair done. In the seller's optimistic words "It would be suitable to repair and use, or to keep as is. Either way, it is a very rare and sought after 2 door car which is a valuable part of motoring history."

11 Aug 2011   Starting to collect parts for my hard-rubbish Redline rebuild ... today I received some mint Dia Compe 901s, Tech IV levers and dated cables. These are really nice brakes and are much better than the popular MX1000s and are better suit to mid to late '80s bikes.

5 Aug 2011   Whoever said 'a fool and his money are easily parted' must have known that some guy would pay $377 for this 'original' gold stem from a Mongoose Motomag .. unfortunately, this stem is not original and is most likely off one of the 30 year reproduction bikes that came out a few years ago.

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30 Jul 2011   Tried out my new polishing kit today .. little scared to start on some bike pieces so instead I polished an old tomahawk I had in the garage. It is made from pretty cheap steel but it seemed to polish up nice!

28 Jul 2011   Stumbled across a great website devoted to early Haros. Apart from a couple of T Shirts, I am not sure what is motivating these guys other than a love for the marque .. full of information, catalogues and articles.

24 Jul 2011   Today I purchased a new polishing kit .. I am hoping to polish up some nice 27" alloy rims, a headstem and some other parts that I have collected to build a fixie. The frame is near mint but I will strip it and have it powdered a nice, modern colour .. maybe black or white?

3 Jul 2011   This evening I went to the local for a couple of quiet ones and on the way home I noticed that the local area was having a hard-rubbish collection. Eyes alert .. drive slowly .. a hint of chrome? I found a complete '87 Redline 400C. Not the world's most highly spec'ed bike - with a trimoly frame, Sugino OPC, MX1000 fakes - but beautiful nonetheless.