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02 May 2015  Hotfoot Restoration One of my favourite restorations was that of my '85 Hotfoot Freestyle. So when this '88 Freestyle came up I thought why not do it again? Like the '85, this bike steals its design cues from a lot of bikes made at a similar time by more expensive manufacturers. The frame looks suspiciously like a GT Performer .. Thanks to Mick Bellette (Mr.Hotfoot) for parting with this.

04 Nov 2014  Hotfoot 24" Cruiser Despite having a few Hotfoots to choose from I find myself continually opting to ride my '95 Mongoose Menace over these other bikes. Why? The simple reason is that the geometry and size of the Hotfoots make them less comfortable to ride than most mid-school or new-school bikes. I needed a solution and building a 24" Hotfoot Cruiser was the obvious one.

14 Oct 2014  Hotfoot It Outta Here! Special thanks to OzBMX's RonJV for this decal. He bought a pair of them online and was happy to share one with me!

21 Dec 2013  Flotsam and Jetsam Legless has produced a nice 'build your own' freestyler poster based on an '85 Hotfoot Freestyle. Imagine going to your Repco dealer BITD and choosing parts from a menu including a frame with single or double top tubes, 5 carbon or 6 spoke nylon Tuffs, chrome or polished callipers and other parts ..


08 Nov 2013  SuperMax Hall of Fame As a proud sponsor of OzBMX and online store owner, BMXWorks has access to a lot of new and reproduction parts - but don't be fooled this bike has more NOS and restored parts than not.

07 Nov 2013  Hotfoot Hall of Fame Although not an original colour scheme, Michael's '82 Hotfoot X-Gusset looks the part in white with blue accessories. The bike is one of three that Michael plans to build so that he can ride with his two sons.

08 Aug 2013  SuperMax Hall of Fame The black and gold colour scheme of JV911's SuperMax could be mistaken for another 'BMX Bandit' replica but unlike the colour scheme on those bikes that shouts 'look at me', the gold trim on this CrMo is used sparingly to great effect!

08 Apr 2013 You'd be better of on a Malvern Star screams this shop window sticker. Dating from the early '80s, it also reminds purchasers that Malvern Star was the official Suppliers to the Olympic Cycling Team in the ill-fated Moscow Olympics.

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02 Apr 2013 What more can you say about this picture except WTF?

11 Mar 2013 Slowly collecting parts for my Hotfoot Freestyle build .. the latest acquisition is this Tange bottom bracket. Pity it isn't stamped but then again neither was the original on the bike..

08 Mar 2013 Since getting my '85 Hotfoot Freestyle, I have been running through options for a rear brake as the bike originally only came with a coster. These bikes originally came with an 880 front brake so I decided that is what I will mount front and rear .. unfortunately, one is dated '86!

04 Mar 2013 OzBMX member Oldschooljoker found a stash of NOS Tange lock nuts in his secret honey hole .. minutes later I was the proud owner of a red and a blue one. Unfortunately, I do not have a build to put them on as my current build - a Freestyle Hotfoot - will be using an Odyssey Gyro instead.