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198? Peugeot UE-8

To say Colin is a hoarder is an understatement - despite having numerous daily riders and a couple of high-end bikes, he has kept this bike since he bought it new in the mid '70s. The bike is essentailly original with the excpetion of new (at the time, old now!) Shimano 600 cranks and the missing mudguards. Colin still has the original factory generator, plastic Mafac toolkit bag (with a spanner or two), original pump and pannier.

The exact age of the bike is a little vague. Using personal milestones as a guide, Colin vaguely remembers losing his virginity prior to buying the bike in 1975 and also remembers owning the bike when he bought his first car in 1978. His original licence verifies the later date however the first date could easily be a figment of his imagination!


The bike consists of NOS and original, recondition parts. Rather than polish the original cast parts to a high lustre, Colin has elected to keep the original 'grain' of the metal and the casting defects by only lightly polishing the parts. The result is a bike that is true to the original and practical enough to be an occasional rider!

  • Peugeot PX10 Frame and Forks
  • Weinmann "Vainqueur" Centre Pull Front Brake
  • Mafac 'Racer' Centre Pull Rear Brake
  • Mafac Levers
  • Shimano 600 'Arabesque' Cranks
  • Simplex Front Derailleur
  • Simplex Rear Derailleur
  • Simplex Friction Shift Levers

What next?
Although practical, the modern road tyres need to go and be replaced by some gum wall tyres. Other than that, Colin has located an original panier bike rack and is debating fitting it ..


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