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21 May 2012 My man has come though again! Recently I ordered some Hotfoot pads for Mr.Hotfoot, Hotfootman and myself and today I received photos of them prior to shipping .. stunning! These are for '82 and '84 / '85 Team Hotfoots.

12 May 2012 I spent a bit of time sanding these back with Wet 'n Dry, starting at 120, followed by 240, 400 and finally 800 before polishing them on the wheel. Came up alright in my opinion .. its amazing what you can do with alloy and a little elbow grease!

06 May 2012 Picked up a ratty set of alloy Alps bars for my Malvern Star SuperMax build. I wanted to put up a before photo because I plan to restore these babys back to their original condition. A little (actually a lot) of TLC with some wet and dry, a quick polish and they will look like new! Stay tuned for updates ..

17 Apr 2012 My friend the postman delivers again. This time its a mint set of SR Pedals for my Hotfoot rebuild. Getting close to actually assembling this one - just need a bottom bracket, a chain and some other little parts.


03 Apr 2012 Got these MX101s in the post today .. just the ticket for when I rebuild my rider '95 Mongoose Menace. I have decided to go with a dark grey frame, chrome forks, black accessories and a set of red decals .. maybe I should make a statement and go with red bars and brake cables to tie in with the red decals.

01 Apr 2012 Spent a bit of time this weekend polishing and painting some more parts for my '82 Team Hotfoot build.  First up is an SR stem top plate and an original - but knock-off - seat clamp that I painted to match the anodising on some DC calipers and levers. The colour is called Ford Blue Print and IMHO is a pretty good match.. Second cab of the rank, I polished an anodised seat pole to match the images I have of the Team BITD ..

14 Mar 2012 More bits for my rider rebuild! Today the postman delivered a set of mint Dia Compe 990s in black that will be used on my '95 Mongoose Menace rebuild that I might get around to one day. I already have decals, pedals (see below) and some other bits and pieces ..

20 Feb 2012 I now have a blue set of Tech 2, Tech 3 and Tech 4 levers (MX120, MX121 and MX123)! The Tech 2 set is for my upcoming '82 Team Hotfoot which I am planning to restore to as close to original as possible but with straight bars instead of those horrible V bars they came with.

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04 Feb 2012 Last year I prepared artwork for some Team Hotfoot pads and sent them off to get made. They have finally been made and although I have yet to receive them in the post I do have this photo of how they look. Anyone wanting a set should contact me - they are great quality and finish off a Team build beautifully!

16 Jan 2012  I bought this seat for an upcoming Team Hotfoot build. As you can see, its a reproduction Kashimax as I could not afford an original one. The quality is not bad though and will look great on this (hopefully) low-cost build!

11 Jan 2012  One day I will get around to restoring my rider Mongoose Menace. I am collecting parts and yesterday I received a NOS set of pedals from bikecology that suit perfectly!

10 Jan 2012  I have planning to build a chrome / blue or white / blue SuperMax CrMo for quite a while now and have been collecting parts. I have original blue alloy bars and a set of reproduction CrMo pads .. however the pads are too wide! Today, I received a NOS set from bikecology that fit perfectly!