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While researching information for my '85 Team Hotfoot and up-coming '82 Team Hotfoot build, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Hotfoot information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Build Your Own Freestyler

A graphic designer by trade, Legless has produced a nice 'build your own' freestyler poster based on an '85 Hotfoot Freestyle. Imagine going to your Repco dealer BITD and choosing parts from a menu including a frame with single or double top tubes, 5 carbon or 6 spoke nylon Tuffs, chrome or polished callipers and other parts ..

Legless found this 1985 Hotfoot Freestyle on the NZ Trade Me. After powder coating it orange, he fitted some altered WeThePeople 750mm wide bars, Odyssey Pitbull brakes and a Redline chainring / dual pinch cranks. The decals are customs designed by Legless..

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 Retro Racing

The humble Hotfoot lends itself to Retro Racing due to its age and affordable price. Why would you want to risk destroying your prized Hutch or Redline on the track when you can throw a bike worth a quarter of that around with impunity?

2016 Wyndham Warriors BMX Club

On the 9th April 2016, the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club hosted a retro racing and show and shine day. Despite being a first time event, the show and shine attracted a large number of entries and the racing highlighted the skills in this class. This event can only get better as word spreads !


These great action shots of Will Lees stomping around the Wyndham Warriors BMX track were caught on film by Pete Healy of Still Motion Media (website coming soon). These pics really show just how much air Will is getting on this heavy old bike.

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Show and Shine

One thing I have noticed at BMX shows, is that 'serious' bike collectors will often have a Hotfoot lurking in the background of their display. When asked, the owner will often confess that the Hotfoot is one of their favourite bikes sometimes because it was the first bike they owned or (like me) it is the one they are not afraid to ride.

Other collectors, like Mr.Hotfoot and Wolf are unashamedly Hotfoot zealots and bring all of their bikes to shows and proudly display them front and centre. Why should they hide these gems at the back of the display?

Mick's (aka Mr.Hotfoot) Hotfoot display at the Hurstbridge 2011 show .. must have taken a couple of trailer loads to get them all up there!

Wolf's '82 and '84 Team Hotfeet on display at the Hurstbridge 2011 show. This '84 Team is one of the best Hotfoots I have and is equipped with some top-end gear - Suntour Stem, Takagi Tourney cranks, DC seat clamp, Araya rims ..

Don't ever leave your Hotfoot alone - this shady character is often spotted loitering around unattended Hotfeet waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

Another Tych bike, this little 16" is a cuttie. Unlike the Mity Hotfoot of '82/'83 which does not appear to be made by Giant, this '86 bike definitely has the Giant rear dropouts and the same geometry as the 20" Giant bikes of the same year.

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Show and Shine: Hurstbridge 2013.

This year's Hurstbridge show was the biggest I have ever been to with over 250 bikes in attendance. There were a handful of Hotfoots on display - I took my '82 Team and my '85 Freestyler, Peat had his 24" and beautiful blue X-Gusset, Sct5mn had his Yellow X-Gusset and Wolf brought his magnificent pink '85 Freestyle.

This was the first time Wolf and I had shown our freestylers and it seemed a perfect excuse to pair them up for photographs. Special thanks to Peat for these great pictures. Scroll through them all, there are some great photos of the bikes overall and the details of the bikes.


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The 1983 Super Nationals sponsored by Repco Hotfoot and presented by VBMXA was staged over two days - Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of December 1983. The prize money of $4500 represented big dollars back then ..

A race plate from the same event for the Junior Side Hack class. These plates were printed on Haro Series One plates and presented to the winners or, in this case, the runner up.

Again from the 1983 Super Nationals, this trophy was presented to the winner of the Senior Side Hack class. Aparently side hacks were popular back then ..

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Other Stuff

Yep, this is my car, my bike and my son .. the mini is a 1275cc with twin 1 3/4 SUs, high-lift roller rockers, a mild cam and a nice exhaust system. Loud and uncomfortable to drive but still fun!

Originally released on Ramco label in 1961, this is one of the hottest instrumentals by the Al Casey Combo. Great twangy guitar, honkin' sax and cool organ! Listen to it here!

Ronjv has very generously donated this original shop decal to the site .. judging by the artwork, I would assume this is mid to late '80s in vintage.

What do you do with a rusty old Hotfoot? Bear Trap obviously had a lot of time and grinding discs on his hands when he decided to cut this X-Gusset in half to make a wind chime. The parts have seen recent action as prizes at the Hurstbridge BMX show.

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Starring Role

Bombs Away is an Australian sibling DJ, vocal and production duo, composed of Sketch and Tommy Shades. Their latest single is backed by a stunning video which features an '85 Hotfoot Freestyle which Sketch purchased from Mick Bellette early in 2015. The bike remains essentially unchanged and its colour makes it stand out in the dark scenes of the clip.



Watch the YouTube video below. The bike features at the 1:52 mark and then again at 2:03.

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eBay Sightings

Snap has listed this bike a few times on eBay with funny pictures, hilarious listings and starting prices ranging from $500 to $500,000. With the exception of the OGK Tuffs, it is essentially an original '86 HiTen Hotfoot complete with the white and red striped pad set. A nice looking bike but obviously not worth the half million-dollar price tag.

My favourite listing is below:
   Dear Filmote, Don't you just hate dat ? .. Lawn mowning, whipper snipping, Hotfooting, lawn mowning, whipper snipping, Hotfooting, lawn mowning, whipper snipping, Hotfooting, lawn mowning, whipper snipping, Hotfooting, lawn mowning, whipper snipping, Hotfooting.   

Underlying these advertisements is a serious cause - Martin is raising money for various charities including Guide Dogs Victoria. Nice one!




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