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While researching information for my '85 Team Hotfoot and up-coming '82 Team Hotfoot build, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Hotfoot information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

Below are some Hotfoot bikes that have taken my fancy and influenced me in my builds. The beautiful thing about these bikes is that they span from factory original - down to the brakes, calipers, seat and other small parts - to a modern build where the only OG part are the frames and fork. That's one of the things I like about Hotties and their builders - anything goes. These aren't rare bikes and no-one is going to get upset that you have chosen non-original parts or colours.

 Hall of Fame: Feature Bike

I have added this new section to put the spotlight on a bike that has taken my fancy over the last month or so. This may be an impeccably restored carpet-queen, a complete and original find or simply a piece of advertising material or catalogue scan.

Katie: Trilogy of 1986 HiTens


Katie nagged me for quite a while for me to sell some HiTen pads to her but I refused. In return she teased me about getting some photos for my site and then made me wait and wait and wait. The result was worth it - she has submitted a group and individual shots of her family.

The '86 / '87 catalogue lists only three colour schemes for the HiTen model - Turquoise Blue, Sky Blue and (new for that year) Black Chrome. As you can see, Katie has one of each complete with original chain guards, pad sets and Viscount seats.

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Micky P: 1984 Team Hotfoot


Mick's '84 Team Hotfoot is a simple yet inspired restoration. If you scroll through the photos you will see that the bike has a splash of colour in the blue Tuffs and the purple grips which match colours in the 4130 CrMo decal on the seat post. Currently the bike is running no brakes which contributes to its clean look but it will shortly be getting a rear Dia Compe fitted.

What I have noticed over the years is the improvement in the photos that accompany the bikes. These pictures have a great back drop and the use of black and white sets them apart from all of the others on this site. Pete Healy would be impressed!

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Kris Streeter: 1986 Hotfoot HiTen


A simple but very effective colour scheme - Kris' '86 Hotfoot HiTen is bound to attract attention. I really like this bike and it is a welcome change from the classic chrome frame / black accessories builds that are going around (not that there is anything wrong with these either!)

Kris sent the frame and forks out to be blasted and painted professionally but he stripped, primed and painted the all of the accessories himself. The colour scheme continues with matching green cables, grips, seat clamp, tyres and a Dominator seat. Even the chainring and the stem cap are colour coded! Finally, some custom decals finish the package.

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Mark Devlin: 198? X-Gusset


The colour scheme on this bike may not appeal to all of us fat, bald-headed 40+ year olds but to a young girl it is just right!

Mark's build for his daughter started with a bike that someone was throwing out. It was the original blue and yellow colour scheme but his daughter requested blue and purple. After meticulously restoring his '82 Team Hotfoot to factory specifications (see the featured bike below), Mark had fun having a go at something a bit more freeform.

The bike sports a unique set of pads and decals. Mark bought some plain blue Flite pads and then cut out some stencils from adhesive printer paper and sprayed used a few coats of purple gloss spray paint to produce the results you see. Fiddly, but Mark's happy with the way they turned out. The decals were printed onto vinyl adhesive by Inscribe in Thomastown from some designs Mark did just using Powerpoint.

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Mark Devlin: 1982 Team Hotfoot


What makes this '82 Team Hotfoot so special is that its Mark's childhood bike and he has restored it to its former beauty while retaining nearly all of the original parts. The original parts include the frame / fork, Araya 7X rims, Sunshine hubs, Dia Compe MX900 / 100 brake callipers, Sugino cranks and chain ring stem and even the Viscount Aero seat. The remainder of the bike includes some reproduction and NOS parts.

As you can see from the before photos, this bike had become home to a neighbourhood of spiders but underneath all of that the bicycle was in reasonable condition considering its age. A lot of elbow grease later and the finished result is fantastic and only needs a set of pads to complete it back to factory specifications (these are on the way from the UK).

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Adrian Piccioli: 1988 Repco Freestyle


What started out as a basic blue / black 'off the shelf' 88 freestyle was not enough for Adrian - it needed a freshen up and a new lease of life.

After a total strip down of the frame, the parts search was on. First off was getting hold of some photos of the pad set. A fellow freestyle owner happened to score a complete original, and was happy to send me some pictures and dimensions. Steven from EsemDesign was the guy who could deliver what was required and after endless discussions and back and forth of photos, he nailed it, and the outcome is quality. Decals were a challenge as the originals were intact but had seen better days. Again countless time was spent sending messages and drawings back and forth with Steve and - being a perfectionist - the end results speak for themselves.

Now Adrian was had to make a decision on the colour. The bike needed to be two-tone like the original and he decided on pink to make sure it stood out. Completing the build are some Aussie made mag tuffs shod with some white freestyle tyres, some re-issue diacompe brakes in white and a re issue white areo style seat. Adrian managed to pick up a blue / white combo Dia Compe MXx seat clamp, a polished rotor and a set of blue / black / white Grab On style MX grips. Mr Hotfoot happened to have a set of pegs in his stash and was happy to part with them for this build. Over all, the end result, has come up a treat, and is now a true 80s style freestyle !

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Will Lees: Wyndham Warriors BMX Club


On the 9th April 2016, the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club hosted a retro racing and show and shine day. Despite being a first time event, the show and shine attracted a large number of entries and the racing highlighted the skills in this class. This event can only get better as word spreads !

Not a typical feature bike like the others in this section - other than being a Hotfoot 24" Cruiser I know little of the bike - this bike and its rider, Will Lees, get membership to the 'Hall of Fame' simply because of the great action shots caught on film by Pete Healy of Still Motion Media (website coming soon). These pics really show just how much air Will is getting on this heavy old bike.

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HJ Kingswood: 1987 Hotfoot Cruiser


Known as HJ Kingswood on Facebook, Steve has shown his love extends beyond classic Aussie cars to Aussie bikes. This Wollongong built 24" cruiser has a nice blend of new and original parts - original parts include the Shimano Tourney callipers, Shimano DX lever, Takagi Tourney cranks and a Suntour style stem. New parts include the AME grips, Kashimax seat, Skyway Tuffs and reproduction decals.

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Adrian Piccioli: 1982 Team Hotfoot


Adrian's goal with this restoration was to restore this '82 Team Hotfoot like it came out of the shop in 1982 - nothing too shiny and all OG apart from repop pads, grips and rear sprocket. Everything on this build is stamped 82 apart from front brakes which are 85. This bike hosts a range of great parts - black Arayas on suzie hubs, Sugino cranks / spider / chain wheel, Ramper Aero seat, SR MS-420 stem and Mitsubishi Comp 3 skin walls. This one took Adrian a while to piece together, but it was well worth the wait ..

Check out Adrian's other Hotfeet:

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Scotty: 1982 Hotfoot HiTen

Breaking with the classic black and white colour scheme, Scotty has added yellow decals from the '82 X-Gusset and complemented them with matching grips. Although subtle, this splash of colour really adds interest to the bike. The bike features a clean set of ACS Z-Mags, a Kashimax seat and Dia Compe brakes.

If you are into performance cars or want to supercharge your old shopping trolley, contact Scott at C.A.P.A Performance. Unfortunately, I cannot see a supercharger kit for my 1969 Mini but if you have a Holden, Ford, Toyota or Chrysler you will probably find something to transform your car.

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Crusty: 1987 Hotfoot HiTen

Beautifully restored back to original is Crusty's '87 HiTen. Comprising mainly original parts, the frame was stripped, powder-coated in the base grey and the blend painted over the top. Interestingly, the '87/'88 catalogue shows this bike as a 'step-through' frame whereas Crusty's is a tradition diamond or boy's frame. As you can see from the before pictures, this is how the bike was delivered .. did I mentioned delivered? If you are in Albury and feeling peckish, why not order a pizza?

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Kid Rowan: 1982 Hotfoot X-Gusset


I first spotted this bike on eBay and contacted Kid Rowan about it. This bike has been sand-blasted then powder coated metallic red before being fitted with some Sugino Maxy Cross cranks, a 44T Sugnio chainring and SR P-466 pedals. Braking power comes in the form of reproduction Dia Compe MX1000 callipers and Tech 3 levers. The simple red and chrome colour scheme works really well.

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Rick @ SDBMX: 1982 Hotfoot X-Gusset


Rick's business sells some of the coolest BMX wheels going around and what better way than to promote them to build a nice clean Hotfoot to show a set off? This 1982 X-Gusset with black, gold and chrome colour scheme perfectly shows off the black SDBMX Typhoon Wheels. Cast in alloy, these black rims have machined faces and side walls resulting in a look that is not too heavy and resemble the Red Stone Tuffs that were fitted to the later Hotfoot Freestyle.

Other than the rims, Rick has finished the bike of with a host of Dia-Compe parts - hinged seat clamp, MX1000 callipers, Tech 3 Levers, cable guides, Tuff Neck style stem - and Tioga parts - Bear Trap headset, bottom bracket and spider. Other parts include AME waffle grips, MKS style pedals and those distinctive gold, braided brake cables. The end result is a modern take on an old classic ..

Contact Rick at or visit his website to view the range of rims and colours available. Styles include the Blizzard, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado and Typhoon.
Blizzard Cyclone Hurricane Tornado Typhoon
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Peter Healy: 1985 Team Hotfoot

No stranger to this site - Peat has contributed another flawless build. Not only is the bike immaculate - complete with new chrome, refinished original Dia Compe MX1000 calipers and Tech 3 levers - but the pictures are simply beautiful. No leaning the bike on a wall and taking a couple of dodgy photos with his iPhone for Pete!

Restored in classic chrome with black accessories, this is practically identical to how it would have looked sitting in the Repco showroom. Even the grips and layback seat pole are factory correct!

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Mick: 1981 Hotfoot X-Gusset

Mick restored this near-catalogue perfect build from a rough but all original bike he found. He repainted it himself and applied a set of Lixy's decals. The original OGK tuffs where discoloured so they too got a coat of paint to bring them back to life. The bike is finished with a set of OGK grips, original rat trap pedals and an incredibly comfortable looking seat. All this bike needs to be complete is a full set of pads and a chain guard.

There is something really nice about a catalogue restore .. anyone can go and buy a heap of reproduction parts and bling a bike up but restoring a bike using the correct parts takes a lot more time and restraint. Nice one Mick!

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Joe Musco: 1981 Hotfoot X-Gusset

Joe (131Racing) built this Hotfoot X-Gusset for his daughter. The Tuffs were bought first and dictated the colour scheme from the start - the bike was stripped to bare metal and a colour-matched, 2pak base coat and clear coat were applied. The bike also features a Dia Compe seat clamp. new Dia Compe MX1000s, a Nitto MX2 stem, Pork Chop chainring, repro seat and AME grips all in black.

I am sure Joe's girl will love this bike - let's just hope she takes good care of it after the effort that has been put into it! For another labour of love build, check out Citywok's pink and red build for his daughter here.

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Jason Dixon: 1985 Hotfoot 24" Cruiser

This month's 'Feature Bike' belongs to Jas666 and is an '85 Hotfoot 24" Cruiser. When I saw this bike being built on OzBMX and noticed that it had gold accessories, I contacted Jas to see if he wanted to buy a surplus set of Hotfoot 24" pads I had in gold print. The deal was done - some Shimano and SR hubs in exchange for the pads. Happy days all round!

The bike looks fantastic as is but it is not complete yet - Jas intends change a couple of minor things including rebuilding the wheels with a set of polished high flange Normandy hubs, stainless steel spokes and gold nipples. Other changes include a polished tufneck disc and a NOS gold 40 tooth Suntour chainring.

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Michael: 1982 Hotfoot X-Gusset

This month's 'Feature Bike' belongs to Michael and is an '82 Hotfoot X-Gusset. Although not an original colour scheme, the bike looks the part in white with blue accessories. The white extends to the later model CW-style handlebars, Shotgun style seat and tuffs. Blue accessories include Dia Compe MX1000 callipers, MC seat clamp, chainring, AME grips, pedals, headset and stem cap.

Michael completed the build with help from his two sons James & Lochlan, Kel & Richard of Apache Coatings in Meadowbrook Qld, OldSchoolBMX, Rod Opie (4130bigr), Nathan at the Bike Shack in Logan City QLD, Shane at Drew's Sign It and Brett at Detailed Bike Co.

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Blizzard Cyclone Hurricane Tornado Typhoon

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