Hotfoot: Recent News

Apr 2016, Hall of Fame  One of mine. I bought this frame and fork already powdered from Haydn Purves simply because I liked the Lemon Yellow colour and thought I could build a cheap bike by recycling the parts from my '82 X-Gusset build ..

Mar 2016, Hall of Fame  Stunning its stark white and blue, HJ Kingswood's 24" Cruiser is a nice blend of new and original parts - original parts include the Shimano Tourney callipers, Shimano DX lever, Takagi Tourney cranks and a Suntour style stem ..

Mar 2016, New Purchase  Picked these decals up from Peter Healy today hot on the heels of the other NOS set I got last month. Again, I have no plans to use these just add them to the collection.

Feb 2016, Hall of Fame  Adrian's goal with this restoration was to restore this '82 Team Hotfoot like it came out of the shop in 1982 .. nothing too shiny and as much OG as possible.

Feb 2016, Hall of Fame  Adrian wanted to do something different for his daughter who finally decided to join in on the Hotfoot rides .. a tribute bike to her favourite team, Essendon.

Feb 2016, New Purchase  Picked these decals up from Mick Bellette today at St Kilda market. Lovely condition for their age. Obviously will never get to use them - they probably wouldn't stay stuck on for long - but nice addition to the collection!

Feb 2016, New Purchase  Also from Mick Bellette, got these unopened, NOS pads. Just had to rip them open to look! Just kidding, they are safe in the bag put I do have a matching NOS set that is opened.

Jan 2016, Hall of Fame  After rescuing this '81 Hotfoot from a scrap heap, Travis stripped the frame back to bare metal and resprayed it in two-pack with a clear coat to protect it ..

Jan 2016, Hall of Fame  After building his own '86 Hi Ten (below), Adrian had the hard word put no him by his partner - where's mine? - leading to a quick build in her team colours (Collingwood) ..

Jan 2016, Hall of Fame  Adrian's first build is excellent and features a blend of new and original parts. Although his original budget was blown in the rebuild, the results speak for themselves ..

Jan 2015, Death of a Hotfoot  Oldskoola's '84 HiTen Hotfoot met an untimely demise at the hands at a roundabout in Melbourne today. Simon's ankle didn't fair much better and is suspected to be broken, ouch! The build is documented in detail in the Restorations section.

Dec 2015, Hall of Fame  Richard's son picked this near original '84 X-Gusset and the Roadmaster Invader up from a couple of swap meets this year. These two bikes probably represent the most common bikes from our childhoods.

Oct 2015, Hall of Fame  Robert's orange Hi-Ten simply commands attention. The combination of orange powder and blue accessories works really well and differentiates this bike from the horde of chrome Hotfeet on this site.

May 2015, Hall of Fame  Breaking with the classic black and white colour scheme, Scotty has added yellow decals from the '82 X-Gusset and complemented them with matching grips to add a splash of colour.

Feb 2015, Hall of Fame  Kid Rowan's bike has been sand-blasted then powder coated metallic red before being fitted with some Sugino cranks and chainring, SR P-466 pedals and Dia Compe brakes. The simple red and chrome colour scheme works really well.

Dec 2014, Restorations  Beautifully restored in black, gold and chrome, this '82 X-Gusset is a showcase for Rick of SDBMX's new Typhoon wheels.

Nov 2014, Restorations  Beautifully restored back to original is Crusty's '87 HiTen, girl's Hotfoot. Comprising mainly original parts, the frame was stripped, powder-coated in the base grey and the blend painted over the top.


Sep 2014, Restorations  No stranger to this site - Peat has contributed another flawless build. Not only is the bike immaculate - complete with new chrome, refinished original Dia Compe MX1000 calipers and Tech 3 levers - but the pictures are simply beautiful.

Sep 2014, Restorations  Andrew Thompson found this complete and totally original Hotfoot 24" in a barn - no truly! He has documented it as found and after a good clean in this series of photos.


Aug 2014, Restorations  Mick restored this near-catalogue perfect build from a rough but all original bike he found. He repainted it himself and completed the restoration with original parts.

Dec 2013, Hall of Fame  131Racing built this Hotfoot X-Gusset for his daughter. The bike was stripped to bare metal and sprayed with 2pak paint colour matched to the Tuffs. The bike also features a Dia Compe seat clamp. new Dia Compe MX1000s, a Nitto MX2 stem, Pork Chop chainring and AME grips all in black.

Dec 2013, Hall of Fame  Finished in chrome, black and gold, Jas666's '85 Hotfoot 24" Cruiser looks great but Jas isn't satisfied - the wheels will be rebuilt soon with a set of polished high flange Normandy hubs, stainless steel spokes and gold nipples.

Dec 2013, Flotsam and Jetsam  Legless has produced a nice 'build your own' freestyler poster based on an '85 Hotfoot Freestyle. Imagine going to your Repco dealer BITD and choosing parts from a menu including a frame with single or double top tubes, 5 carbon or 6 spoke nylon Tuffs, chrome or polished callipers and other parts ..

Nov 2013, Hall of Fame  Although not an original colour scheme, Michael's '82 Hotfoot X-Gusset looks the part in white with blue accessories. The bike is one of three that Michael plans to build so that he can ride with his two sons.

Sep 2013, Flotsam and Jetsam  Peat has taken some great pics of Wolf's and my Hotfoot Freestylers. Whereas mine is a 'catalogue' build albeit with rear brakes and a Kashimax Handler seat, Wolf's build uses high-end parts resulting in the bike Repco should have built!

Aug 2013, Hall of Fame  Sct5mn's '81 X-Gusset inverts the popular yellow on blue colour scheme to great effect allowing the use of dark blue accessories including new Tuff IIs and Kashimax Aero seat.

Aug 2013, Hall of Fame  The matte black frame and forks on Rowan's 24" Cruiser is nicely offset by quality chrome parts including Dia Compe brakes, Sugino cranks and many other parts.

Aug 2013, Hall of Fame  Wolf's 1985 Hotfoot Freestyle retains the original pink colour scheme but replaces the cheap parts with high-end equivalents resulting in the bike Repco should have built!

May 2013, Hall of Fame  My new favourite build - an '85 Hotfoot Freestyle featuring paint by Pete (BMXMadman) and decals by Lixy. I am so happy with how this has turned out!

Feb 2013, Hall of Fame  GreenXB has done a fantastic job restoring this '83 X-Gusset in the original blue and yellow colour scheme. The bike features Prosixtyfive's reproduction decals and pad set.

Jan 2013, Hall of Fame  TMS restored this X-Gusset using some top quality parts including ACS Z-rims, Hatta headset and a host of Shimano parts - 600 cranks, rear sprocket, calliper and DX lever.

Nov 2012, Hall of Fame  Found these pics on eBay but have no idea who the owner is. The red and black colour scheme looks great but I would have had some custom decals made and applied the seat and head tube decals correctly!

Oct 2012, Catalogues  Tim has submitted a second Falcon catalogue. This one looks to be a 1983 or 1984 catalogue judging by the inclusion of the Tioga Rhino Charge!

Oct 2012, Hall of Fame  Gibbo has submitted two Falcon Pro MX20s - an original 1986 and a fully-restored 1987 model.


Sep 2012, Catalogues  Tim has also submitted this great Falcon catalogue. I am unsure of the year but it seems to have a range of models that could put it anywhere between 1980 and 1985!

Aug 2012, Hall of Fame  Tim owns beautifully restored Falcon Beta 24. The frame appears identical to those made for the Australian market right down to the solid, triangular gusset that is welded to the head and down tubes leaving a small semi-circular section at the join open.

Aug 2012, Hall of Fame  Chris owns this beautiful frame and fork set that looks like the Australian '84 HiTen version - complete with drilled gusset between the head and down tubes - but made with CrMo tubing!

Aug 2012, Flotsam and Jetsam  Ronjv has very generously donated this original shop decal to the site .. judging by the artwork, I would assume this is mid to late '80s in vintage.

Jun 2012, Hall of Fame  I recently got a freshly powdered bars and frame set from Danthrax and set about building a black and chrome beauty ..

Jun 2012, News  Who would have thought that a Hotfoot could win bike of the month? Despite a lot of detractors, my 1982 Team Hotfoot has beaten some awesome bikes to win OzBMX's BOTM May 2012. Thanks to all who voted ..

Jun 2012, Catalogues  Thanks to The Don, we have a full scan of the 1987 - 1988 Repco catalogue which features the 12" Mini Hotfoot, 16" Mighty Hotfoot, a girls and boys 20" an the 24" cruiser!

Jun 2012, Hall of Fame  Its the month for '84 HiTens! This example by Dizlord has been rebuilt with completely new parts including seat, Tuffs, tyres, brakes and awesome pads!

Jul 2012, Restorations  OldSkoola75's '84 HiTen is a labour of love with most restoration work - including the repair and painting of the frame, forks and handlebars - being done 'in house'.

Jun 2012, Timeline  Proving that you don't have to spend big money to realise a dream, Dave74 restored this '86 Hotfoot Cruiser on a budget. The Frame and forks cost only $40 and the rest is a labour of love ..

Jun 2012, Timeline  Spotted on eBay, there is a Hotfoot for all members of the family here! Boys 20", Girls 20" and a little 12" .. These are later model Repcos but the owner purchased some Hotfoot pads to dress them up them!

Jun 2012, Hall of Fame  Spotted on eBay, this 1988 Repco Freestyle bike is totally original and features a black, blue and white colour scheme like a Haro. Also, check out the photos of his '82 Team Hotfoot..

Jun 2012, For Sale  I got a set of Hotfoot 24 pads made for Peat's Cruiser. These sets have been prepared from artwork derived from original pads, advertising material and photographs. They are exceptional quality and cost approximately $80 delivered. .

May 2012, Catalogues  I have recently acquired a 1985 Repco Catalogue which contains their full line of bikes including, of course, their BMX Range - 20" Hiten, 20" Team and 24" Cruiser - and some other interesting rides.

May 2012, Hall of Fame  After a lot of procrastination, I have finally completed my 1982 Team Hotfoot as closely as possible to the original specifications - albeit with straight handlebars rather than the original, ugly 'V' bars.

Apr 2012, For Sale  The first batch of Hotfoot reproduction pads have arrived and they look great! These sets have been prepared from artwork derived from original pads, advertising material and photographs. They are exceptional quality and cost approximately $80 delivered.

Apr 2012, Hall of Fame  The Hotfoot Freestyle is a rare beast - only four are known of in Australia and New Zealand. Mr.Hotfoot has rebuilt his into this amazing example complete with custom decals made by Lixy.

Mar 2012, Hall of Fame  1986 saw the introduction of a 24" cruiser to the Hotfoot range. Clayton's example shows just how good these bikes can look with the right colour paint and accessories.