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While researching information for my '85 Team Hotfoot and up-coming '82 Team Hotfoot build, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Hotfoot information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

Below are some Hotfoot bikes that have taken my fancy and influenced me in my builds. The beautiful thing about these bikes is that they span from factory original - down to the brakes, calipers, seat and other small parts - to a modern build where the only OG part are the frames and fork. That's one of the things I like about Hotties and their builders - anything goes. These aren't rare bikes and no-one is going to get upset that you have chosen non-original parts or colours.

Hall of Fame: X Gusset Hotfoot

To some, the X Gusset Hotfoot is the quintessential model and the most fondly remembered due most likely to its affordable price. Designed as an entry model, the X Gusset came in two guises - the Hotfoot and Hotfoot 2 - which featured coaster brakes or front and rear brakes respectively. Both models were available in painted or chrome finish.

OzBMX member SteveJ has done a beautiful job on this X-gusset Hottie. As always, blue Tuffs and blue annodised accessories look great on a chrome frame. Steve's only complaint is it is too damn heavy! Check out the original photos of Steve's childhood bike.

The interesting purple or mulberry colour of the accessories and forks differentiates Troyboy's bike from the rest of the pack. The photos too are not your standard 'leaning on a wall' or 'out in the garden' variety either ..

I'm not sure who owns this X-Gusset Hottie. I remember seeing it on eBay and I badly wanted to bid on it but I had already bought my own Team frame but had yet to make a start on it. If you know who owns this please let me know!

This unique colour scheme really works and the colour coding of the bars is genius. The bike appears to have Dia Compe 890 brakes, OGK Tuffs, a Kashimax seat, Sugino cranks and Perry Kramer Cal Lite pads.

This extremely original '81 X-Gusset is owned by Mr.BMX and is part of his extensive collection. Practically all original, the only non-original component appears to be the Trackmaster seat which was probably replace BITD. This bike is unique in that it sports Repco decals on the seat, down and head tube rather than Hotfoot decals.

Scored this nice X-Gusset from Danthrax recently. He powdered the frame and bars in anticipation of a build for his wife but unfortunately other things got in the way (baby!) and it was time for him to move it along. Also in the deal were the pedals, seat clamp, seat post and Dominator seat you see here.

This nice X-Gusset was recently restored by TMS using some top quality parts including ACS Z-rims, high flange Suzue hubs, Hatta headset, Shimano 600 cranks, Shimano 16T rear sprocket, Shimano Tourney calliper, Shimano DX Lever, Profile XL Pro stem and some of Lixy's ubiquitous decals.

The stark contrast of black and white looks great on a bike - I've got a black and white team myself - but Arthur has taken it a new level with this X- Gusset. The black Tuffs with white tyres look great and a welcome change to the typical white Tuffs / black tyre combination!

Arthur second X-Gusset build is dominated by the black 3-spoke Skyway Tuff 3s - commonly found branded as Mongoose tuffs. This bike also features 3pc cranks, a Haro Fusion stem and a Haro seat which looks incredibly uncomfortable!

GreenXB's '83 X-Gusset is beautifully restored in the distinctive blue and yellow colour scheme. This bike features a 175 mm OPC mated to a 45t GT chainring and Anlun disc, an MX2 Stem, Dia Compe brakes and levers, Dia Compe MX seat clamp, Skyway Tuff 2 Wheels and a set of Prosixtyfive's reproduction pads & decals.

Sct5mn's '81 X-Gusset inverts the popular yellow on blue colour scheme (see GreenXB's, left) to great effect. The accompanying photos show the frame with incorrect Team decals, the current decals and some custom pads that Brian has made to tie in with the current decals.

Although not an original colour scheme, Michael's '82 Hotfoot X-Gusset looks the part in white with blue accessories. The white extends to the later model CW-style handlebars, Shotgun style seat and tuffs. Blue accessories include Dia Compe MX1000 callipers, MC seat clamp, chainring, AME grips, pedals, headset and stem cap.

Joe (131Racing) built this Hotfoot X-Gusset for his daughter. The bike was stripped to bare metal and sprayed with 2pak paint colour matched to the Tuffs. The bike also features a Dia Compe seat clamp. new Dia Compe MX1000s, a Nitto MX2 stem, Pork Chop chainring and AME grips all in black.

Mick restored this near-catalogue perfect build from a rough but all original bike he found. He repainted the frame himself and brought the discoloured OGK Tuffs back to life with a coat of paint as well. The bike is finished with a set of OGK grips, original rat trap pedals and an incredibly comfortable looking seat.

Beautifully restored in black, gold and chrome, this '82 X-Gusset is a showcase for Rick of SDBMX's new Typhoon wheels. The bike is finished with a host of Dia-Compe parts - hinged seat clamp, MX1000 callipers, Tech 3 Levers, cable guides, Tuff Neck style stem - and Tioga parts - Bear Trap headset, bottom bracket and spider. The end result is a modern take on an old classic ..

Breaking with the classic black and white colour scheme, Scotty has added yellow decals from the '82 X-Gusset and complemented them with matching grips. Although subtle, this splash of colour really adds interest to the bike. The bike features a clean set of ACS Z-Mags, a Kashimax seat and Dia Compe brakes.
Richard's son picked this near original '84 X-Gusset (and the Roadmaster Invader) up from a couple of swap meets this year. With the exception of the pads, the remainder of the bike is essentially as it left the factory - right down to the tyres! These two bikes probably represent the most common bikes from our childhoods.

After building his own '86 Hi Ten, Adrian had the hard word put no him by his partner. Where's mine? Prior to purchase, the frame and fork were powdered by Mr.Hotfoot in white with a fleck running through it. This is nicely contrasted with '83 alloy flange tuffs, gum-wall Kendas, and a host of left-over and purchased parts in black.

After rescuing this '81 Hotfoot from a scrap heap, Travis stripped the frame back to bare metal and resprayed it in two-pack with a clear coat to protect it. He then repacked the OGK Tuff's bearings, polished the chrome and applied new decals prepared by Lixy.

Adrian wanted to do something different for his daughter who finally decided to join in on the Hotfoot rides. This bike started life as a donor for parts for his '82 Team build and was a tired red colour. He stripped it back and applied a base coat of black before going all 'Pro Hart' and flicking red paint all over it to produce an Essendon tribute bike. Five coats of clear seal it all up ready to begin the build with a mix of original and new parts - Sugino cranks, spider and chainwheel, Nitto stem, Tuffs, etc. Now his girls have tribute bikes for the annual ANZAC day footy clash !

Mark's build for his daughter started with a bike that someone was throwing out. The original blue and yellow made way for a colour scheme dictated by his daughter. The bike also features original pads created using a stencil, some spray paint and some plain Flite pads. The decals were created in Powerpoint and printed by a local printer. Now thats creative!

Dave's '82 X-Gusset Hotfoot restoration combines new and old parts. The chrome frame and bars gleam after a good polish and are complemented by the yellow tuffs / grips and the blue accessories. The Dia Compe Tech 2 levers are a nod to those fitted to the Team model of the same year.

Luke's X-Gusset Hotfoot looks great in yellow with red and black accents and in a way reminds me of Mr.Hotfoot's Maccas build. The build features a host of new parts including Dia Compe front and read brakes and callipers, Dia Compe seat clamp, a Kashimax seat and much more!

Heath's chrome and yellow 83 X-Gusset started with a bare frame that he got free before adding some OG and reproduction parts In addition to then ice set of DBS wheels, Heath has also laced up a set of 7x copies laced to Suzue HF hubs (NOS front).

Mick's '81 Hotfoot X-Gusset in 'Red Hot Red' features a host of original and period correct parts including the yellow OGK slant tuffs and the original bar pad. The frame even includes the Repco part number sticker - 2018W - which indicates a freewheel version as opposed to the 2015W model which was fitted with a coaster brake.

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