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While researching information for my '85 Team Hotfoot and up-coming '82 Team Hotfoot build, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Hotfoot information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

Below are some Hotfoot bikes that have taken my fancy and influenced me in my builds. The beautiful thing about these bikes is that they span from factory original - down to the brakes, calipers, seat and other small parts - to a modern build where the only OG part are the frames and fork. That's one of the things I like about Hotties and their builders - anything goes. These aren't rare bikes and no-one is going to get upset that you have chosen non-original parts or colours.

Hall of Fame: HiTen Hotfoot

Following the demise of the X-Gusset model, the HiTen model was released in 1984 with a more modern, clean look. The earlier models had a small triangle gusset under bridging the head tube and down tube and variations of these exist with and without the three decorative holes. From 1986 onwards, this gusset disappeared resulting in a very nice looking frame.

I found the images of this '84 HiTen Hotfoot on eBay. I do not know if the seller, guytara, is a Hotfoot hero who is just clearing out some of treasures or an eBay trader who is just selling an old bike that he found. Either way, this is a clean, original bike with yet another variation of graphics on the padset!

As with the '86 HiTen (left), I found these images on eBay. The same seller, guytara, off-loading a second hotfoot which sort of kills my theory that he is just an eBay trader. So the question begs - why is he selling his Hotties? With the exception of the 48-spoke front wheel this is another clean, original example.

I found this bike surfing the web at No Hat, No Play and these images are up without their permsission. Anyhow, I really like this bike as it is a simple blend of new and old. The photos are excellent and are a credit to his mate who took them.

I don't know much about this bike .. its really clean and has the same padset as mine which adds to my belief that I have the wrong ones! Anyhow, the blue accessories really works on a chrome frame.

Peat's '84 HiTen Hotfoot reminds me of the very popular SuperMax colour scheme made featured on Kidman's bike in the film BMX Bandits. The Dia Compe calipers, Dia Compe levers and gold pedals complement the yellow accessories nicely and prove that this colour combination is timeless ..

Its fair to say that Citywok's little girl loves pink .. and she may well have the hottest Hottie in the country. The red flite pads, AME waffle grips, quilted seat and tyres work suprisingly well with the hot pink frame, forks and rims ..

This is the first bike Spitfire has restored and it has come up looking great. Check out the bike before the OA bath .. and compare this with the final product. He just needs to get a decal kit (from Lixy?) and its complete. A great job!
ShaggaBagga's '85 Hotfoot looks excellent in crisp white with contrasting blue Tuffs and accessories. Shaggs is currently planning a second build - also in white but this time with colour-coded handlebars and yellow accessories - as a stable mate for this one!

OzBMXBandit's Hotfoot is rare in that it does not have the three holes drilled in the gusset between the head and down tube. The photos are great - they were taken at the underpass in Koyoong, Melbourne - and are a refreshing change from the classic 'in a park' or 'in the backyard' photo shoot..

OldSkoola75's '84 HiTen is a labour of love with most restoration work - including the repair and painting of the frame, forks and handlebars - being done 'in house'. The build is documented in detail in the Restorations section.

Scratchydogs has submitted another Hotfoot to the site in the form of this sweet black and gold Hi-Ten. The satin black of the frame, cranks, chainring and callipers is nicely offset by the yellow tuffs, gold anodised highlights (brake pad nuts, stem cap, seat post and clamp) and matching decals.
Robert was thinking outside the box when he choose the colours for this HiTen rebuild. The bike's previous owner had tried to restore the original chrome in an OA bath but succeeded in destroying the finish an making the bike a perfect project for powder coating in this bold orange colour. The blue accessories - tuffs, DC MX1000 calipers and Tech 3 levers and chain ring - contrast beautifully.

Adrian picked this '86 Hotfoot up online with the plans of a budget build. He polished the frame and forks by hand with really nice results. The remainder is a combination of new parts from BMXWorks and original parts from Mr.Hotfoot. The budget was shot but the results are great!
Luke found this '85 HiTen on the council clean up and restored it to its former glory. Comparing the pictures of the finished bike to the original shows just how far it has come. In addition to new paint, the bike was treated to a range of new parts including Dia Compe calipers and levers, a Kashimax seat and blue Skyway Tuffs.

Dizlord picked his '84 HiTen up from Guytara when it came up for sale on eBay. He quickly gave it a make-over before planning and executing this great rebuild .. Nearly everything has been replaced including the seat, cranks, wheels, tyres and brakes - the only parts that appear to be original are the frame, forks and bars!
Beautifully restored back to original is Crusty's '87 HiTen. Comprising mainly original parts, the frame was stripped, powder-coated in the base grey and the blend painted over the top. Interestingly, the '87/'88 catalogue shows this bike as a 'step-through' frame whereas Crusty's is a tradition diamond or boy's frame. As you can see from the 'before' pictures, this is how the bike was delivered .. did I mentioned delivered? If you are in Albury and feeling peckish, why not order a pizza?

Spotted on eBay, this '94 Hotfoot looks really cool with its black base, coloured dabs of 'paint' and purple pad set. Not sure about the seat but the rest of it looks very original. The decals on the chain stays say 'Hotfoot it outa here' and the ones on the forks say 'Repco Fat Forks'.

After watching his other builds, Adrian's brother came asking him to build a bike to hang on his office wall in the colour scheme of his business colours. So the build began - the frame was from Mick Bellette, the orange tuffs ordered from the USA and a raft of parts from OldSchoolBMX - AME grips, Kashimax seat, lay back post, MKS BM7 pedals and some Kenda freestyle rubbers .. After a coat of Dulux vivid white, the bike was trimmed with some custom vinyl decals and will be topped off with some custom pads from the UK. His brother was impressed with the colour scheme and it ties in nicely with his boat (see pic 12!).

Kris' '86 HiTen looks great in white and green. Kris sent the frame and forks out to be blasted and painted professionally but he stripped, primed and painted the all of the accessories himself. The bike is finished with matching green cables, seat clamp, tyres and a Dominator seat.

Not sure who owns this bike .. maybe Robert in Queensland? Anyhow, with the exception of the grips which are replacements it is a nice example of an original bike from the period.

I simply love the colour of Beast's HiTen Hotfoot - its a really bold colour and fitted with the modern bars and tyres makes this build look new or at least mid school. Beast and his mates Wingnut and Fleshlite have a site with pics of this build and others here 3 Bros Mafia.

Not shy about using bold colour schemes, Adrian has done it again. He didn't have a 84 model Hotfoot and needed one to join the collection .. The pink and black theme is awesome with VP 747s, pink fluted seat post, AME grips, pink Dia Compe MX brake and lever, pink Tioga spider, JMC pink and chrome chain, and some custom hotfoot decals. A custom pad set will be ordered in the ordered in the new year to finish it off.

I bought this frame from Brett Ryan as a project for my son and I to build together over the school holidays. Ryan chose the parts to build this bike primarily from the BMX Works site and some and some second-hand parts I had lying around. The pads are from Steve Dobson.

The black and blue colour scheme is described in the 1995 catalogue as 'Blue Zebra'. It was also available in a chrome plated and 'Black Rex' version. This bike features TIG welded, oversized steel tubes for both the frame and forks, steel rims and steel bars. As you can imagine, the bike is incredibly strong but really heavy.

This bike is named the Hotfoot Coaster B212 in the 1990 / 91 catalogue and is described as 'Neon Red / Black'. Over time, the neon red paint has faded to an orange colour and the pad set to a washed out pink colour .. so much for UV stabilised paint and graphics.

This '85 Hotfoot HiTen has been listed on eBay many times starting at $800 and slowly working downwards. Although it is a lovely bike, the owners claim that this is a barn find which has not been modified and is 150% original ignores the fact that the grips, pedals and cranks are not those that came from the factory. Still a lovelly bike!

With the exception of the seat, Ange's '86 Hotfoot HiTen has to be one of the most complete and original bikes I have ever seen. If you are not sure what parts came on an '86 HiTen, look no further than this example!

First of a set of triplets for Katie, this Sky Blue '86 Freewheel HiTen features all of the original parts including the distinctive Viscount seat and red / white pad set.

Second of a set of triplets for Katie, this Turquoise '86 Coaster HiTen features all of the original parts including the original chain guard, distinctive Viscount seat and red / white pad set. My favourite colour of the three!

Rounding out the set of triplets for Katie, this '86 Coaster HiTen features smoked chrome which was new for this year. It also features most of the original parts and the relatively rare pink Hotfoot pad set.

Kris has already submitted an eye-catching '86 HiTen in white and green but this one is possibly even more daring! The colour-coded Dia Compe Tech IV levers and Bulldog callipers, Skyway 6-spoke tuffs, brake cables and stem match the custom decals.

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