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While researching information for my '85 Team Hotfoot and up-coming '82 Team Hotfoot build, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages .. most of the information can be found on OzBMX and BMXMuseum and I am not pretending that this informtion will replace either of these valuable resources.

Please browse through all of the material I have collected:

If you have any Hotfoot information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.

Hall of Fame

Below are some Hotfoot bikes that have taken my fancy and influenced me in my builds. The beautiful thing about these bikes is that they span from factory original - down to the brakes, calipers, seat and other small parts - to a modern build where the only OG part are the frames and fork. That's one of the things I like about Hotties and their builders - anything goes. These aren't rare bikes and no-one is going to get upset that you have chosen non-original parts or colours.

Hall of Fame: Team Hotfoot

The Team name was more than just a marketing ploy - it signified the top of the range model which sported the best accessories. The name was used from 1981 right through to the mid-nineties however, the '81 / '82 Team with its distinctive gusset and the '84 / '85 Team with its Aero tubing are the best known and probably the most collectable Hotfeet made.

Known on OzBMX as Mr.Hotfoot, Mick owns nearly one of every Hotfoot and Intrepid model released. The chrome and gold colour scheme of this '82 Team really works well and makes a great change from the garden-variety chrome & red or chrome & blue bikes that you see everywhere. Mick actually outbid me on eBay for this bike ..

Lixy is a regular on OzBMX which is where I first met her. Her bike is a chrome '85 Team Hotfoot with red accessories including the OGK Tuffs, Sakae SR Stem, bear-trap pedals and red chain. Its the stark contrast between the chrome, red and white that draws me to this bike - it looks great but I would hate to be cleaning those tyres after each ride!

This is my own '85 Team Hotfoot. The frame was painted when I bought it. I built this with a mix of NOS and used parts include NOS padset, Sakae SR MS-423 Stem, Takagi Cranks, Sugino Spider / Chainring, Dia Compe MX900 caliper, Shimano DX Tourney lever, MKS BM-7 pedals, Skyway Tuff II wheels and a Viscount Dominator seat.

In response to the weight of his X-gusset (below), SteveJ built himself a lighter '81 Team Hotfoot and it is a really clean build. I am a big fan of the Shimano SX lever and Tourney calipers, MKS pedals and Sugino crank .. and I hope when I have finished my build it looks half as good as this one!

This is my own '82 Team Hotfoot. With the exception of the bars, this is pretty close to factory original with an SR stem, SR pedals, Sugino cranks, Sugino spider and original Dia Compe MX1000 brakes and Tech 2 levers.
Supra34's Team Hotfoot also features the classic chrome and blue colour scheme. Note that this one features Repco decals - rather than Hotfoot - and has a 'Manufactured by Repco Cycles' decal a precursor to the Repco Floral Seal found on the '84 / '85 HiTen and Team Models.

Found these pics on eBay but have no idea who the owner is. The red and black colour scheme looks great but I would have had some custom decals made and applied the seat and head tube decals correctly!
Though not necessarily built as a Maccas tribute, Mr.Hotfoot's red and yellow Team Hotfoot looks right at home advertising the Golden Arches. These shots were taken before the arrival of custom decals - tune in for updates!

Peat has contributed another flawless build. Not only is the bike immaculate - complete with new chrome, refinished original Dia Compe MX1000 calipers and Tech 3 levers - but the pictures are simply beautiful. No leaning the bike on a wall and taking a couple of dodgy photos with his iPhone for Pete!
Kid Rowan's bike has been sand-blasted then powder coated metallic red before being fitted with some Sugino Maxy Cross cranks, a 44T Sugnio chainring and SR P-466 pedals. Braking power comes in the form of reproduction Dia Compe MX1000 callipers and Tech 3 levers. The simple red and chrome colour scheme works really well.

After building his daughter a lovely X-Gusset Hotfoot, Joe (131Racing) asked his son what he wanted. The answer, anything as long as it was blue. And blue it is - in fact everything except the cranks and the spider are blue.

One of mine. I bought this frame and fork already powdered from Haydn Purves simply because I liked the Lemon Yellow colour and thought I could build a cheap bike by recycling the parts from my '82 X-Gusset build. The bike features nice satin black bards and a Sugino-style stem, Shimano SX levers and Tourney callipers.

Adrian's goal with this restoration was to restore this '82 Team Hotfoot like it came out of the shop in 1982 - nothing too shiny and all OG apart. This bike hosts a range of great parts - black Arayas on suzie hubs, Sugino cranks / spider / chain wheel, Ramper Aero seat, SR MS-420 stem and Mitsubishi Comp 3 skin walls. This one took Adrian a while to piece together, but it was well worth the wait ..

Adrian wanted to do a colour scheme that he hadn’t seen on a Hotfoot before and after a bit of playing around with colours decided on grey hammer tone with green as the stand out. Once again, Mr Hotfoot supplied the frame, forks, stem and bars as a starting point and the shopping started. The initial build had spoked wheels but didn't look right - it needed more black to go with the decal outlines which were supplied by Brett Ryan. Additional black came via the Bulldog callipers, MX-2 levers and a set of Skyway utilities.

Matt bought this bike as a bare frame and gave it a citric acid bath followed by a polish to clean up the chrome whilst leaving the decals intact. The spider was restored using 400 and 800 grit wet and dry and finished with Autosol before masking and spraying the infills black. The cranks and spider are nicely complemented by a black chainwheel and black bolts. In another departure from Team specifications, the black shiny-sides were dispensed with and replaced by two orphan Skyway copies.

Mark restored his childhood bike to back to factory specifications whilst retaining most of the original parts including the Araya 7X rims, Sunshine hubs, Dia Compe MX900 / 100 brake callipers, Sugino cranks and chain ring stem and even the Viscount Aero seat ..

Hot on the heels of Kris Streeter's green build is this '85 Team Hotfoot from Steve. The chrome on this bike looks immaculate and the bike features just enough white in the grip plugs, pedals and seat post to complement the white tuffs. Decals are on the way from Shagga (Bret Ryan) but honestly I don't think it needs them.

Troy owns the 'Repco Hotfoot Appreciation Society' on Facebook and this is his first submission to this site (what took ya so long?). Powdercoated by Roberto in Brisbane, this 85 Team looks great in its classic white and blue. The bike is finished with a mix of restored, reproduction and new parts.

Rocco has had this '85 Team from new. It was languishing in a shed until he decided to restore it back to its former glory. Of came the Redline decals and Polygon stem and back on went a myriad of NOS parts from around the world. The grips, brake pads and seat all came from the US, the chain guard and brake cables from the UK and the reflectors from Japan. The spider is a blend of parts sourced from Greece, New Zealand and the US of A. This is a real international build!

Scott scored this frame / fork and pad set from Dave (Wolf) and set about making it his own with a blend of high end parts including Shimano Dura Ace cranks, an SR AeroX stem, an SR Laprade seat post, KKT Lightning pedals, Dia Compe callipers / levers, Ukai rims and a Kashimax seat. The result is a superb looking bike!

Adrian scored this '84 Team from a seller who though it was a Haro. The original chrome was shot so a new colour scheme was required and the choice was made for him by the purchase of the correct forks - already painted silver. A combination of blue, black and silver was on the cards - blue Cheng Shin tyres on black Skyways, brand new MX seat, Oury grips, Dia Compe brake set up all bought from The build was topped off with a Sugino one piece crank with a power disc and black chainring.

Unfortunately, I cannot put a date on this Team Hotfoot but am told it is a '03 model. I have catalogues up to 1995 and none of these have centre-pull cantilever brakes. The frame is finished in a really nice, metallic red paint but the bike overall is let down by a cheap parts on what is supposed to be a 'Team' version.

Jose's '84 Team Hotfoot reminds me of my own green and gold GMX-250. Like mine, it features Shimano 600 Cranks, Shimano Tourney calliper and lever, and a Nitto MX-2 stem. It differs with the 7x rims and Suzue HF hubs, Suntour pedals and brown suede pads. This bike has pedigree having been raced in the retor series.

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