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Early 1980s Shimano 600EX Equipped Road Bike

Right, that's a bit vague isn't it? What make is tha actual bike? Well the truth is I have started collecting parts for the build but as yet haven't actually bought a frame to build out. Obviously the reverse of most people's approach, I saw some parts for sale on eBay that got me thinking about a build. Until I actually buy a frame, I cannot complete the parts list as I do not know what size seat post or stem to buy as these are dependant on the inner tube size.

I will add photos of additional parts I buy as I receive them. One day I might even put up photos of the finished bike! Don't hold your breath though, I have a couple of BMX builds that I plan to finish first and then I must make room in the shed for this one.

Brakes: I missed out on a set of new BR-6207 brakes and calipers a couple of months ago on eBay - they were local and well priced. I'm glad I missed out, this set was even better, still in the box and comes with all fittings and original instructions. Simply stunning ..
Cranks: As with the pedals, these are mint condition, in the original box and come with all fittings and instructions. If I wasn't building a road bike, I might put these on a bmx (obviously with a single chainring) or on my mantelpiece.
Front Derailleur: Not having bought a frame, I was in two minds whether to buy the front derailleur as I was unsure whether to get a clamp on or braze on model. At $10 the decission was made for me .. the shipping from Germany was less than that!
Rear Derailleur: After searching for ever, I found a clean, used rear derailleur from the US for $10. As soon as I bought it, a NOS one came up on the bay but sold for over $50 so I am not too upset.
Fittings: Again without a frame, I am not sure which of these parts I will need however the shiny stainless steel appealled to the bower bird in me!
Hubs: I bought a used set with gearset locally for $40 and was really happy with the hubs themselves but wasn't exactly happy with the quick release levers. I haven't found replacement items but then ended up buying a front hub new from the UK for less than 10 quid! I just need to find a second set ..
Headset: I saw a nice NOS headset with the black Shimano 600 logos circling the body sell for a couple hundred dollars (gasp!). This one is still NOS but not as sexy and consequently not as pricey!
Shifters: These shifters came from the same seller as the cranks. They are NOS and in excellent condition but they are cast and not finished well at the factory .. the pitting from the casting process is quite visible in these photos.
Chain: What! Surely you wouldn't waste time tracking down the correct chain when you can simply buy a new one? But actually, I found this NOS one in Adelaide for less than the cost of buying a new decent quality one so why not?
Pedals: My 2010 Giant has Shimano SPD pedals on it so I was tossing up whether to buy a modern seat of pedals or some original equipment. After some deliberation, I decided that when this bike is complete that I am unlikely to ride it often so I might as well strive for authenticity.


25th Feb 2011 6:17pm, Simon replied :  
I'm thinking about it.. still need to find a great frame.
24th Feb 2011 9:23pm, OM wrote :  
Are you actually going to build something? These parts have been lying around for long enough..  - Old Man
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