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ESP8266 / OLED Date Selector

This project extends the ESP8266 / OLED Calendar project I developed to simply display a calendar. The date selector, though, adds the ability to select a date by selecting the various components - day, month and year - using a rotary selector. The program is presented as a simple function that allows the calling program to pass a specified date (typically today's date) and returns the selected date. The user has the option to cancel the selection process in which case the original date is returned in the absence of any selection.


Visit my GitHub repository to view the project and retrieve the latest code, notify me of errors and so forth.


The inspiration for this project came from rydepier's Arduino-and-OLED-Calendar project which was targeted at the Arduino and used a different library to drive the OLED. While rewriting it for the ESP8266, I used none of the original code.

This project relies on two separate GitHub projects :

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In Operation

The code snippet below shows just how simple it is to call this helper function. Line 001 sets the current 'system' time to the 2nd September, 2016. Line 002 initialises a time_t variable and invokes the date selector routine using the current date as the starting or default date.

setTime(12, 0, 0, 2, 9, 2016); 
time_t t = inputDate(now());

display.drawString(0, 30, String(year(t)) + "-" + 
                          String(month(t)) + "-" + 
                          String(day(t)) + " selected.");

The function in action:

Calling the inputDate(time_t dateOrig) routine invokes the date selector with the calendar positioned to the nominated month and year. The day is highlighted within the calendar body, as shown above.


The user is able to scroll through the days of the selected month using the rotary encoder. Scrolling after the last day of the month or before the first day will reveal selectors for the month and year and a link to return to the calling program with no selection.

Selecting the month link in the calendar header reveals a list of months with the current selection highlighted. Selecting a month from the list will return the user to the day selector for the newly selected month.


Selecting the year link in the calendar header reveals a list of years that span. The range of this selection is configurable and starts at the original date minus CAL_MAX_YEAR_SPAN_NEG years to the original date plus CAL_MAX_YEAR_SPAN_POS years.

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Prototype using a KY-040 Rotary Encoder

My prototype uses a KY-040 Rotary Encoder. These use three GPIO pins for input and I have (arbitrarily) used D5, D6 and D7 (GPIO 14, 12 and 13 respectively. These are defined in the constants section of the code and can easily be changed to three unused inputs if they clash with other hardware.

The prototype looks really messy due to it supporting analogue buttons and the KY-040 Rotary Encoder. I have put the encoder on a fly lead so I can use it as a sort of joystick!

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