Well actually chrome, silver or polished alloy .. but I liked the title chomin' so I went with it.

Early '80s BMXs are easily recognisable by their frame design / geometry and the use of anodised parts in basic colours such as black, blue, red and gold. Of course, chrome, silver annodising and polished alloy were always there but - like a bower bird - I always prefered the shiny colours. This collection of parts are primarily for a 1987 Redline 400C I am building in the 'modern' colours of black over gun-metal grey with chrome accessories.

The Redline range for 1987 included some lovely bikes, such as the RL20, RL20II, 800p, 600cxl, 500p and the lowest-end of the range, the 400c. The 400c featured some reasonable equipment including an Anlun stem and Peregrine seat clamp that were unique to this model. The complete bike I found still sported these two parts and I had them restored by Star Plating to there former glory. Being soft alloy, these parts had numerous nicks and marks and Rob has done a great job restoring and polishing them. The Anlun stem is supposed to be black with silver highlights but I have elected to keep them natural as they look great.

The steel rims were also re-chromed by Star Plating and look great except they show every fingerprint. I have laced these rims with black Suzue hubs and black nipples to add a bit of contrast.


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