Feeling Blue?

Before they sent their manufacturing to China, Malvern Star had some great bikes that rivalled the best of the US giants. The SuperMax CrMo is every bit as good as Redline MX2 or PL-20 and was fitted with top of the range parts.

I have a frame for this build that started life as a Speedwell Sting CrMo but will be built into a Malvern Star SuperMax CrMo as they are identical frames.  I went to the trouble of getting some Sting pads and decals made up but I was unhappy with the pads .. and then I got hold of a set of SuperMax CrMo pads.  Luckily everything else is the same between the two bikes!

As you can see, I have found an original bell for the bike.  I am guessing that these are pretty rare as most bells and reflectors would have been stripped from the bike when new.  I also have found the correct Nitto MX-2 stem but it is polished alloy rather than anodised like the original.  I am still deciding whether to take it to an anodising shop I have found near me or leave it as is.

Lastly, I am really happy with the way the Ukai rims and Suzue hubs have come up.  My other builds to date have used anodised Araya rims but I wanted this build to look different so hunted around for a set of steel, chrome rims.  These UKAI rims were still in the original protective wrapper and are mint .. not bad for $100!



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